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Molecular Reform Therapy-Step-1

1.Balance Nutrition

A healthy diet of balanced nutrition is important for optimal body functions. To fulfill our body's requirements, we need to obtain 46 nutrients from our food sources as these nutrients cannot be made by our body or cannot be 'manufactured' fast enough for our usage. For good health, our diet should also have the proper proportion of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic food to maintain a slightly alkaline body fluid of pH7.3-7.4.

MRT Step 1 thus aims to correct and prevent this nutrition imbalance by the means of nutrition supplement where it is necessary.

Elken Spirulina Full Spectrum of Nutrients


An Alkaline Health Food With Balanced Nutrients

The First & Leading Pure Clean

Cultivation Pool Of Spirulina In The World

What is Elken Spirulina?

Elken Spirulina is a highly nutritious health food which is an excellent source of 5 major nutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Vitamins and Minerals) and 4 natural pigments (Chlorophyll, Beta Carotene, Xanthopyll and Phycocyanin). This highly alkaline seaweed can be readily digested and easily assimilated by the human body. It is an ideal food supplement for achieving vital health and energy.


The Effectiveness Of Spirulina Is Endorsed By 20,000 Doctors

SPIRULINA contains a type of blue pigment called Phycocyanin, making it look blue in colour. According to the classification system of plant food group, spirulina is spiral in shape, which gives it its name. It is also known as the 'blue green algae'. Currently there are around 35 types of Spirulina including Calothrix brevissima, Tolypothrix tenuis, Aulosira fertillissima, Anaba-circularis etc. However, only those with larger dimensions, stronger replicative capabilities and higher protein content are classified into the food group.

Spirulina with larger dimensions which can be consumed by humans are: Arthropira, Arthropira (Spirulina) Maxima and Arthropira (Spirulina) Platensis. Spirulina's composition of balanced nutrition is perfect for humans.

Perfect for you & your family because it contains:

1. Ultra-rich protein

- to restore vitality

- to increase muscular tissues

- to enhance overall health

2. A complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals

- to help overcome diabetes and heart diseases

- to improve memory power

- to prevent anemia

3. The world's richest source of Beta-Carotene

- to repair damaged cells

- to retard the ageing process via its powerful anti-oxidants

4. 100% alkaline food

- to relieve pain caused by chronic arthritis

- to promote digestion

5. Overall Health Benefits

- to boost brain functions

- to invigorate the body


  • Immortal descendant of the first photosynthetic life form 3.5 billion years ago.
  • Only thrives in natural salt lake.
  • High alkaline seaweed food.
  • Natural super food for this century with highest concentration of unusual nutrients.
  • Ideal for fasting, body cleansing programs, athletes, older people, restricted diets & vegetarians.
  • A food for all ages.

Why Choose Elken Spirulina?

  • Over 12 types of vitamins, over 12 types of minerals, 4 natural pigments, 8 essential amino acids & 100% alkaline content
  • Top-grade Spirulina produced by World's first pure clean cultivation pool
  • Manufacturing process designed by Prof. Keiun Kodo results in 100% pure Spirulina
  • Produced by ISO 9001:2000 & GMP plant certified by National Pharmaceutical Council Bureau

Benefits of Elken Spirulina
  • Provides complete daily nutrition need for the body
  • Inhibits growth of cancerous cells
  • Promotes body metabolism
  • Neutralizes body acidity
  • Fortifies immune system
  • Improves absorption and digestion
  • Reduces circulatory problems
  • to boost brain functions
  • to invigorate the body

The Nutritional Values Of Elken Spirulina

  • Nutritional value is 14 times higher than cow’s milk

  • An excellent source of quick supply of glucose to the blood

  • Contains over 13 types of vitamins and is the richest vegetative source of B12 in the world

  • Excellent source of minerals (more than 13 types of minerals)

  • Contains 4 types of natural pigments including beta carotene

  • Contains all the 8 essential amino acids

  • It is so complete in nutritional value that it is used as food for astronaut.

  • Elken Spirulina high nutrient content makes attaining balanced nutrition easy as it is simply not possible for us to consume a variety of food in large amounts so as to fulfill our nutritional intake. For example, instead of eating 160 oranges a day to fulfill your RDA of Beta-Carotene, 30 tablets of Elken Spirulina is all you need!

    The King Of SOD (Super-Oxide Dismutase) - Functions

    • Enhances Immune System

    • Helps to slow the aging process

    • Restores youth

    • Acts as an anti-oxidant

    Good News For Vegetarians

    The Richest Vegetables Source Of Vitamin B12 In The World

    Vegetarians cannot obtain sufficient Vitamin B12 as it can only be obtained from animal's liver.
    The value of Vitamin B12 in Spirulina is 2.5 times higher than cow's liver, commonly known as the best provided of B12. In other words, it is 250% higher in Vitamin B12.
    According to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of the United States, the Intake of Vitamin B12 is around 2mg, and 3 tablets of Elken Spirulina provide more than enough of that amount.
    The function of Vitamin B12 :

    • Enhances memory retention
    • Helps to prevent pernicious anemia

    Spirulina Is A Super Nutrient Supplement For the Development Of Brain

    Spirulina rich and balanced nutrients are perfect for the development of brain cells. It is a well-known source of nutrients for children and adults for the development and maintenance of brain cells. Professor Keiun Kodo (The Expert in Spirulina)

    Spirulina Replaces Human Milk

    Due to the rich concentration of Gamma Linolenic Acid in Spirulina, Mexicans now utilise Spirulina to replenish the inadequate nutrients supplied or even replace the human milk with Spirulina.
    The Gamma Linolenic Acid of Spirulina is 3 times higher than that in Evening Primrose Oil.

    • Helps to prevent the problem of sensitive dermatitis in children

    • Moderates blood pressure (to normalize the blood pressure)

    • Prevents asthma

    • Prevents tumor growth

    • Prevents clotting in blood vessels

    • Slows down the process of ageing

    The 4 Natural Pigments Of Elken Spirulina - The Best Food For Cancer Prevention

    1 ChlorophyII A - sometimes known as 'green blood'
    2 B - carotene (Pro - Vitamin A)
    The concentration of B-carotene in Spirulina is 40-60 times higher than those found in spinach and 25 times higher than those found in carrots.
    1 tablet of Spirulina = 1 kg of cabbage
    1 tablet of Spirulina = 18 apples

    Elken Spirulina is a 100% Alkaline Food

    According to Dr. Ragner Berg of the United States:
    In order to stay healthy, it is essential that our daily meals provide the proper proportion of 80% alkaline food and 20% of acidic food.

    Causes of an Acidic Body Fluid:

    1. Insufficient consumption of alkaline food

    2. Insufficient supply of alkaline food for body utilisation.


    • Safe
    • Non toxic & no side effects
    • Apparent results.

    Certification & Awards

    JHFA certification

    by the Japan Food & Nutritional Food Association

    Gold Diamond Award

    by Taiwan Consumer Association

    Golden Award

    by Taiwan Health Food Society

    National Biotechnology &

    Medical Care Quality Award

    Halal Certification


    GMP Food Certification (Taiwan)

    Drug Control Authority

    of Ministry of Health, Malaysia

    MOLECULAR REFORM THERAPY to be continue...

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